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James Halliday Hall of Fame: Australian Wine Industry

By The Tasting Team
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2024 James Halliday Hall of Fame: Australian Wine Industry

This is the highest honour of any bestowed by Halliday Wine Companion, on an individual or an aspect of the Australian wine industry deemed to be of the highest regard and significance.

Prue Henschke

If the Hill of Grace vineyard could talk, you’d reckon that it would thank the world and perhaps even the Lord for bestowing the force-of-nature that is Prue Henschke upon it. The same applies to all of the Eden and Barossa valley vineyards under Henschke’s care, as it does to the family’s orchard-turned-vineyard at Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills

Prue Henschke graduated from Adelaide University in 1973, having studied zoology and botany. For the past 50 years she has set about improving both the environment of her vines and the environment of her regions. The aim, at all times, has been to grow better-tasting grapes via healthier vines in an improved landscape.

Prue HenschkePrue Henschke is the first inductee into the James Halliday Hall of Fame: Australian Wine Industry.