Wine and Food Pairing

Quick tips: simplifying food and wine pairing

20 Mar, 2018

Straight from the sommelier's toolkit, this handy overview will help you to demystify the sometimes-complicated task of matching food to wine.

The words you need to know

• Taste: the basics – salty, sweet, acidity, bitter and savoury/umami.
• Texture: the tactile parts of food and wine such as ‘chewy’ (tannin) and ‘crisp’ (acidity).
• Body: the sum ‘weight’ of a wine or dish’s key parts. Graded in light-bodied, medium-bodied or full-bodied.
• Savoury: food without sweetness or wine with higher levels of astringency. 

Prime pairs

• Acid and salt: Think riesling with oysters – a classic. 
• Fat and acid: Try hot chips with Champagne. Seriously. 
• Protein and tannin: Match your meat to the right pitch of tannin – where weight meets weight.
• Fat and tannin: Not just power – delicate oils (fat) of pink fish suit soft tannins of light red wines.
• Sweet and heat: Just a touch of residual sugar in wine can muffle the burn of chilli. 
• Savoury and umami: Look to fried chicken – high in fat and salt – paired with skin-contact whites. 

This is an edited extract from the article 'Back to basics' in the latest issue of Halliday magazine. To get the full story, pick up your copy today.

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