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This venture marks the return to Tasmania of husband and wife Harry Rigney and Susan Denny after more than 30 years on the east coast of the mainland. In his mid-20s Harry was the sole recipient of the prized Menzies Scholarship to undertake his master’s degree at Harvard, becoming a highly acclaimed specialist in taxation law (while continuing to this day to play his electric guitar in a rock band). Susan completed a fine arts degree in the ’70s (dux of her year) then moving into Applied Arts inter alia mastering oxy and electric welding. She also saw her father Tim’s scientific, engineering and agricultural innovations trail-blaze the world’s lavender industry. So, they were equipped to purchase a 20ha property with north-facing slopes at an altitude of 350m and planted a 2ha close-planted 6000 vine vineyard in 2013/14. It earned them the title of Best Small Vineyard Tasmania ’17. The winery was sold to new owners in 2022. -JAMES HALLIDAY

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Winemaker Harry Rigney, Susan Denny
Viticulturalist Harry Rigney, Susan Denny
Region Northern Tasmania
Address 106 Browns Road, North Lilydale, Tas, 7268
Established 2013
Dozens 1000
Vineyards (area) 2 ha
Opening Hours Sun 10.30–5 Oct–May
Telephone 0408 192 000