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Mark Walpole and his partner Carolyn De Poi found their elevated north-facing site south of Beechworth in ’95. They commenced planting the Aquila Audax vineyard in ’97 with cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir, expanding with sangiovese, tempranillo, shiraz, petit manseng and chardonnay. In ’09 they were fortunate to lease the oldest vineyard in the region, planted by the Smith family in ’78 to chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Chardonnay, sangiovese


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Winemaker Mark Walpole
Viticulturalist Mark Walpole
Traditional Place Name Waywurru
Region Beechworth
Address 12 Kurrajong Way, Mayday Hill, Beechworth, Vic 3747
Established 1997
Dozens 3500
Vineyards (area) 11.7 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Telephone 0407 261 373