Mount Ophir Estate

Victoria | Rutherglen

Our Review

The Brown family of All Saints Estate and St. Leonards looked to its own backyard in 2017, buying the local National Trust-classified Mount Ophir winery. It was a remembrance of the celebrated history of the Rutherglen wine region which the Browns – Eliza, Angela and Nick – were very much aware of, having grown up nearby. During 1891–1957 when the winery was closed, it is estimated that 600,000 gallons of wine were sent from the estate to England. The 3 children of the late Peter Brown (Brown Brothers) have developed accommodation and a stunning location for weddings and events. The purchase was also an opportunity to bring the 1891 brick winery back to life, which is exactly what they did. The property has 3ha of vines dating back to 1995, including shiraz, durif and muscat. -JENI PORT


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Winemaker Nick Brown
Region Rutherglen
Address 168 Stillards Lane, Rutherglen, Vic 3685
Established 1891
Dozens 270
Opening Hours W'ends 11-5
Telephone (02) 6032 8920