Henley Hill Wines

Victoria | Yarra Valley

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The history of Henley Hill dates back to 1849, when Rowland Hill began growing crops in the Yarra Valley; the home was built in the 1860s by David Mitchell, Dame Nellie Melba's father. The property adjoined Gulf Station, but when that property was sold in the 1930s the home was moved to Henley and re-erected by Clive and Hilda Hill. Clive then purchased an 80ha property adjoining Gulf Station, completing a full circle for the origins of the Henley name. In 2003 Debbie Hill (Clive's granddaughter), Errol Campbell (Debbie's father-in-law) and Nick and Andrew Peterson planted the vineyard. Exports to Sweden. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Winemaker Travis Bush (Contract)
Region Yarra Valley
Address 1 Mount Morton Road, Belgrave South, Vic 3160 (postal)
Established 2003
Dozens 3350
Vineyards (area) 12.28 ha
Opening Hours Not
Telephone 0414 563 439
Website www.henleyhillwines.com.au