Peel, Western Australia

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Peel is one of Perth’s coastal playgrounds with prime waterfront locations and vineyards  creating a great combination.

The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate and the maritime influence provides optimal growing conditions for a variety of red and white grape varieties. The coastal climate, with cooler influences from the Indian Ocean, gives rise to an extended ripening period that results in fruit with optimal flavour and intensity. The region presents a selection of cellar doors that overlook vineyards, olive trees and natural bushland, which all adds to its appeal. Visitors can expect to taste regional favourites such as shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, as well as a range of alternative varieties. 

Western Australia isn’t short of world-classes beaches, and Peel doesn’t break the mould. Visitors have beautiful beaches to choose from, with of watersports and other coastal activities to enjoy. Those travelling south from Perth to Mandurah can do the drive in an hour.

James Halliday on Peel

The European settlement of Peel dates back to 1829 when a visionary Thomas Peel brought three ships of migrants from England for the Peel Settlement Scheme. Thomas Peel, who arrived with an entourage from England to take up his entitlement, was apparently totally unprepared for both the climate and the work required to put the country into shape for farming, and quickly retired to the beach to drink gin and tonic (or its equivalent) under the protection of umbrellas. The British government was understandably unimpressed and three-quarters of his grant was revoked. Nonetheless, Thomas Peel was left with one-quarter of a million acres (101 215 hectares); this founded what became known as the Peel Estate, from which the vineyard takes its name.

In 1846, the first mine (lead, silver and zinc) in Western Australia was opened; while short-lived, it presaged the large-scale mineral sands, gold and bauxite mining and processing operations that commenced in the 1970s.

A vineyard was established near Pinjarra in 1857, and remained in production for more than 40 years, winning a gold medal at the 1878 Melbourne Centenary Exhibition, before being uprooted by the owner’s widow in 1898. The first commercial vineyard in modern times was started by Will Nairn at Peel Estate in 1974 with a planting of shiraz, and while most other varieties have since been established, shiraz remains the flagship variety for the region, Peel Estate its flagship producer.

Peel Facts

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Latitude 32°31’S
Altitude 5–290 m
Heat Degree Days 2300–2350
Growing Season Rainfall 160–280 mm
Mean January Temp 22–23°C
Harvest Mid-February to mid-March