Wine Lists

Highly-rated and affordable wines for summer occasions

By Eliza Campbell

4 Dec, 2019

These highly-rated wines are made to be sipped on lazy summer afternoons or paired with your favourite seasonal foods – and they’re all $30 or under.

    Warm days call for cool wines, and these promise to pair perfectly with your favourite summer dishes and activities. Rated highly and priced affordably, these wines come recommended for their value for money. With a range of styles to suit any occasion, there are options to see you through from coastal adventures to picnics outdoors and Boxing Day barbecues.


    Lighter-bodied reds are well-suited to being served slightly chilled at between 16-18 degrees. They also pair with a range of popular summer occasions, such as barbecues and festive events. 

  • Gamay: Pfeiffer Rutherglen Gamay | RRP $18 | 95/100
  • Drink: at Christmas lunch with roast poultry and herby vegetable dishes.

  • Tempranillo: Main & Cherry Adelaide Hills Tempranillo | RRP $25 | Rating 95/100
  • Drink: at a barbecue or with spicy tapas dishes.

  • Grenache: Z Wine Rustica Barossa Valley Grenache | RRP $20 | Rating 97/100
  • Drink: with meat-centric dishes.

  • Pinot Noir: Morningside Vineyard Pressings Pinot Noir | RRP $25 | 97/100
  • Drink: with a range of Asian flavours, duck dishes and fattier fish such as salmon.


    Chilled white wine is a classic option for summer, and you can find a style to suit most lighter or seafood dishes. On their own or with food, try these highly-rated whites that won’t break the bank.

  • Chardonnay: Clairault Margaret River Chardonnay | RRP $27 | Rating 97/100
  • Drink: alongside a cheese and antipasto platter or with rich, creamy foods.

    Sauvignon Blanc: Stella Bella Wines Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc | RRP $24 | Rating 96/100

    Drink: beachside, with white fish and green salad.

    Marsanne: Tahbilk Museum Release Marsanne | RRP $21 | Rating 95/100

    Drink: with food, especially shellfish, poultry or pork.

    Pinot Grigio: Scott La Prova Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio | RRP $25 | 97/100

    Drink: with a simple roast chicken, grilled fish or fish and chips.


    The hero of a special occasion, sparkling wine elevates any atmosphere. Drink anywhere, any time and definitely do not underestimate the potential for food pairing, working with everything from oysters and calamari to soft cheeses and charcuterie. 

    Sparkling rosé: Sittella Wines Methode Traditionelle Pinot Noir Chardonnay | RRP $26 | 95/100

    Drink: with classic comfort foods such as pizza. 

    Prosecco: Freeman Vineyards Prosecco | RRP $23 | 95/100

    Drink: with savoury snacks like olives and almonds, or try it with panettone for Christmas. 

    Sparkling chardonnay: Taltarni Methode Traditionelle Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs | RRP $26 | 95/100

    Drink: to celebrate. A 100 per cent chardonnay, or blanc de blancs, style is the ultimate in elegance. 

    Sparkling shiraz: Herbert Vineyard Mount Gambier Sparkling Shiraz | RRP $30 | 95/100

    Drink: with bacon and eggs or pancakes for breakfast, or with decadent desserts. 


  • Rosé demands to be enjoyed in the sunshine. Drier varieties are particularly successful with food but equally delicious on their own.

    Sangiovese rosé: The Hedonist McLaren Vale Sangiovese Rosé | RRP $25 | 95/100

    Drink: cold, with savoury salads and chicken.

    Shiraz rosé: Deep Woods Estate Harmony Margaret River Rosé | RRP $15 | 96/100

    Drink: slightly warmer than fridge temperature, with Italian, Mexican or Spanish flavours. 

    Pinot noir rosé: Montalto Pennon Hill Mornington Peninsula Rosé | RRP $25 | 96/100

    Drink: with seafood or a goat’s cheese salad.

    Grenache rosé: Tahbilk Grenache Mourvedre Rosé | RRP $25 | 96/100

    Drink: alongside cuisines with aromatic spice, such as Moroccan, Indian or Greek.