The Halliday Cellar Door Series

Episode Four

5 Dec, 2018

In the fourth episode of Halliday Cellar Door, Sally Stanton pays a visit to the First Families of South Australia: d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale and Jim Barry Wines in the Clare Valley. Both families share their compelling histories, as well as their unique approaches to winemaking today.

Stanton first visits d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale, speaking to the son of the family Chester about his creative edge on the estate. Such innovations have marked d’Arenberg as not just a top wine destination, but a desired art gallery too. Even their labels are different from the rest, of various designs, and quirky names. D’Arenberg honour sustainable practice, and are the only winery in the country to basket press both their red, and white wines. Stanton speaks with Chester's dad Darry before tasting their expressive varieties: both the the Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne and The Dead Arm Shiraz.

Stanton travels next to Jim Barry Wines, in the Clare Valley, learning that Barry was in fact the first qualified winemaker to ever work in the region. She meets his grandsons, Tom and Sam, as they speak of their signature riesling, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon varieties. They also discuss their unique Assyrtiko, a wine that’s travelled all the way from Santorini in Greece. Stanton tastes their 2017 variety, astonished with the similarities to riesling on the nose, yet completely different on the palate. She also tastes their 2017 The Florita Clare Valley Riesling.

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