The Halliday Cellar Door Series

Episode One

14 Nov, 2018

Launching its first episode on Wednesday, November 14 from 8:30pm on Channel 31 Melbourne, The Halliday Cellar Door sees Sally Stanston take viewers on a journey through some of Australia’s most honoured wineries, in an explorative six-part wine series. These estates are producing some of the most highly rated, benchmark wines, and have been for generations.

 In episode one, Stanton travels to the high estates of Victoria, talking with First Families of the region. First Families are family-owned and run wineries by real people, who make quality wine, with no compromise. She sets out to uncover the stories behind their wines and the soul that comes with. Campbells Wines of Rutherglen and Brother Brothers in Milawa are the two first guests.

Sitting down with Colin and Susie of Campbells Wines, Stanton learns that the estate has been running for five generations. Often referred to as ‘history in a glass’, the estate is rich in history and culture. With a specific focus on fortified wines and full-bodied shiraz, some of the best bottles in the variety are tasted and discussed. The Bobbie Burns shiraz is a leader in the variety.

Brown Brothers in Milawa is next, and just 35 minutes down the road. With what began as a small family cottage, the estate has quickly grown into a well-known winery with an international market and clientele. Ross and Catherine take the time to share how it all begun. The Patricia range — the namesake of Ross’ mother — is their hallmark line and displays Brown Brothers at best.

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