Wine and Food Pairing

Classic and creative wine and food pairings

By Halliday Wine Companion

22 Mar, 2018

Are you classic or creative when it comes to pairing wine with food? Find out with the ideas ahead, inspired by our Q&As with sommeliers in the latest issue of Halliday and including recipes from our friends at Cooked.

Classic: shellfish with sparkling or riesling

Recommended recipes: 

Split king prawns with lemongrass, lime and chilli
Hot oysters in creamy beurre blanc sauce (pictured above)

Recommended recipes: 
Stuffed sardines (pictured above)
Sardines on toast

Wines to try:
Jim Barry Clare Valley Assyrtiko

Classic: pork belly and nebbiolo

Recommended recipes: 
Pork belly with pickled plums (pictured above)
Perfect roast pork belly in apple cider

Wines to try:
Serafino Bellissimo Nebbiolo

Creative: charred noodles with sparkling shiraz

Recommended recipes:
Char kuey teow (pictured above)

Wines to try:
Bremerton CHW Sparkling Shiraz

Classic: lamb with cabernet, or duck with pinot noir

Recommended recipes: 

Florentine fried chicken
Burgers, the way we like them (pictured above)
Deep-fried chicken salad

Recommended recipe:
Comté cheese fondue (pictured above)

Wines to try: 
Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills Chardonnay
Chatto Mania Tamar Valley Chardonnay

Creative: crème caramel with sherry 

Recommended recipe: 
Crème caramel (pictured above)

Wines to try: 
Morris Aged Amber Apera
Seppeltsfield Paramount Collection DP 273 Rich Rare Apera

To read all the tips on wine and food pairing in Halliday magazine, pick up your copy today. 

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